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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lloyd Gregory Abercrombie Abercrombie, Lloyd Gregory Higher Executive Officer +47 22850351
Picture of Sivert Angel Angel, Sivert Professor +47 22850332 Church History, Practical Theology, Luther, Reformation Studies, Homiletics
Picture of Ina Marie Ausland Ausland, Ina Marie Adviser +47 22850313 Administrative management, Ph.d., Research Support
Picture of Naveed Baig Baig, Naveed Doctoral Research Fellow Practical Theology, Chaplaincy
Picture of Serena Norlemann Baldari Baldari, Serena Norlemann Doctoral Research Fellow Interreligious Studies, Holy Scriptures, Quranic Studies
Picture of Tonje Baugerud Baugerud, Tonje Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850376 Gender and Religion, Islamic Studies
Picture of Safet Bektovic Bektovic, Safet Associate Professor +47 22850357 Interreligious Studies, Islamic Studies, Philosophy of Religion, Interreligious Dialogue
Picture of Roxanne Bélanger Sarrazin Bélanger Sarrazin, Roxanne Postdoctoral Fellow History of Religions, Ancient Religion and Culture, Reception of the Bible,  Coptic Christianity, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Lived Religion, Liturgical Studies, Manuscript Studies, Monasticism, Papyrology, Coptic
Picture of Vemund Blomkvist Blomkvist, Vemund Senior Lecturer +47 22850319 New Testament Studies, Greek
Picture of Robyn Elizabeth Boeré Boeré, Robyn Elizabeth Associate Professor
Picture of Emil Junge Nielsen Busch Busch, Emil Junge Nielsen Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Ethics, Professional Ethics, Philosophy of Religion
Picture of Svein Åge Christoffersen Christoffersen, Svein Åge Systematic Theology, Ethics, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion
Picture of Heidi Anne Camilla Christophersen Christophersen, Heidi Anne Camilla senior adviser +4722855791 Common Student System (FS), Student and Academic Administration, Quality assurance system, Regulations, Evaluation, Statistics, Admissions, Analysis, Learning Environment, Quality of education
Picture of Samuel Peter Cook Cook, Samuel Peter Postdoctoral Fellow History of Religions, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Coptic Christianity, Manuscript Studies, Papyrology, Coptic
Picture of Argyro Delidaki Delidaki, Argyro Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Trond Skard Dokka Dokka, Trond Skard Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion, Dogmatics, Liturgical Studies, Ritual studies
Picture of Diana Edelman Edelman, Diana Hebrew Bible Studies/Old Testament, Ancient Religion and Culture, Ancient Judaism
Picture of Mathias H. Eidberg Eidberg, Mathias H. Communications manager +4722850307 +4740222579 Communications, Press contact, Marketing, Recruitment of students, Media Survey, Alumni, Research communication
Picture of Sebastian Jakob Daniel Ekberg Ekberg, Sebastian Jakob Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Dogmatics, Ecclesiology, Aesthetics and Religion, Ethics, Hermeneutics, Latin
Picture of Hallgeir Elstad Elstad, Hallgeir Pro-Dean +47 22850340 +47 90035470 Church History, Modern Norwegian Church History, Nordic Protestantism, Pietism, Ecclesiology
Picture of Erlend Hovdkinn From From, Erlend Hovdkinn +47 95934193 History of Religions, Humanism, Secularism and Secularity, Sociology of Religion
Picture of Stig Ragnvald Frøyshov Frøyshov, Stig Ragnvald Professor +47 22850365 Church History, Liturgical Studies, Ritual Studies, Patristics, Eastern Christian Studies
Picture of Sjur Atle Furali Furali, Sjur Atle Doctoral Research Fellow Church History
Picture of Marita Lindberg Furehaug Furehaug, Marita Lindberg Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gunnar Gjermundsen Gjermundsen, Gunnar Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Patristics, Early Christianity, Comparative Religion, Greek
Picture of Ingunn Maria Gjørva Gjørva, Ingunn Maria Senior Research Adviser +47-22850347 +47 90 92 19 76 Research Support, Cristin, External funding
Picture of Florian Graz Graz, Florian Doctoral Research Fellow History of Religions, Church History, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Coptic Christianity, Manuscript Studies, Ancient Religion and Culture, Coptic
Picture of Anne Guro Nesteby Grette Grette, Anne Guro Nesteby Executive Officer +47 22850328 Info centre, Communications
Picture of Anne Hege Grung Grung, Anne Hege Professor +47 22850342 Interreligious Studies, Interreligious Dialogue, Islamic Studies, Hermeneutics
Picture of Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme Gudme, Anne Katrine de Hemmer Professor +47 22850356 Hebrew Bible Studies/Old Testament, History of Religions, Ancient Judaism, Biblical Archaeology, Phenomenology of Religion, Religion and Culture of Antiquity, Ritual Studies, Hebrew
Picture of Kjetil Hafstad Hafstad, Kjetil Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Contextual Theology, Dogmatics, Ethics
Picture of Hege Handberg Handberg, Hege Advisor +47-22850331 Research training, Ph.d., Disputation, Quality of education, Regulations, Common Student System (FS)
Picture of Gustaf Henriksson Henriksson, Gustaf Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Nina Hoel Hoel, Nina Dean of Studies +47 22850327 Gender and Religion, Islamic Studies, Gender Sexuality and Religion, Feminist Theory and Methodology
Picture of Joanna Maria Hypszer Hypszer, Joanna Maria Doctoral Research Fellow Church History, History of Religions, Coptic Christianity, Manuscript Studies, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Monasticism, Papyrology, Coptic, Greek
Picture of Werner G. Jeanrond Jeanrond, Werner G. Systematic Theology
Picture of Linda Kristina Joelsson Joelsson, Linda Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow New Testament Studies, Pauline Studies, Hermeneutics, Early Christianity, Democracy and Theology, Religion the body and sexuality, Greek
Picture of Halvard Johannessen Johannessen, Halvard Associate Professor +47 22850335 Practical Theology, Systematic Theology, Contextual Theology, Dogmatics, Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics, Pastoral Theology
Picture of Elisabeth Tveito Johnsen Johnsen, Elisabeth Tveito Associate Professor +47 22850334 +47 92035861 Practical theology, Lived Religion, Congregational Studies, Pedagogy of Religion
Picture of Marianne Bjelland Kartzow Kartzow, Marianne Bjelland Professor +47 22850343 The New Testament, Gender and Religion, Historical Jesus, Gospel Literature
Picture of Markus Keller Keller, Markus Lecturer +47 22841962 Interreligious Studies, Religion and Society
Picture of Simone Kotva Kotva, Simone Researcher 22850368 Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion
Picture of Helge Steinar Kvanvig Kvanvig, Helge Steinar Hebrew Bible Studies/Old Testament, Apocalypticism, Hermeneutics, Hebrew
Picture of Jens-Ole Köhrsen Köhrsen, Jens-Ole Associate Professor Congregational Studies, New Religious Movements, Politics and Religion, Religion and Ecology, Religion and Society, Sociology of Religion, Secularism and Secularity
Picture of Caroline Lehn Lehn, Caroline Higher Executive Officer +47 22850346 Info centre, Communications
Picture of Oddbjørn Birger Leirvik Leirvik, Oddbjørn Birger +47 22850363 Interreligiøse studier, Systematic Theology, Islamic Studies, Interreligious Dialogue, Humanism, Hermeneutics, Contemporary Critique of Religion, Arabic
Picture of Birgitte Lerheim Lerheim, Birgitte Associate Professor +47 22850385 Systematic Theology, Professional Ethics, Nordic Protestantism, Ethics
Picture of Hugo Lundhaug Lundhaug, Hugo Professor +47 22850317 Church History, History of Religions, Manuscript Studies, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Orthodoxy and Heresy, Monasticism, Cognitive Theory, Reception of the Bible, Coptic
Picture of Pauline Østland Løvdal Løvdal, Pauline Østland Senior Executive Officer +47 22850303 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination
Picture of Marie Ringsby Midtlid Midtlid, Marie Ringsby Senior Executive Officer +47 22850325 Communications, Recruitment of students, Research communication, Events, Info centre