Safet Bektovic

Associate Professor - Fagseksjonen
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Phone +47-22850357
Visiting address Sognsveien 4 None 0451 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1023 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic interest/research areas:

Islamic philosophy and theology, Sufism,  Social ethics, Islamic aesthetics, Philosophy of religion, Soeren Kierkegaard, Interreligious theology, Comparative religions, Christian-Muslim dialogue, Balkan Muslims



2000-2002: Post. Doc. at the University of Copenhagen (Culture and Religious encounters in Denmark)

1996-2000: PhD - at the University of Copenhagen (Søren Kierkegaard in relation to Islam)

1989-1992: PhD in modern Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo (unfinished because of the war in Bosnia)

1985-1989: MA in philosophy and sociology at the University of Prishtina



2016 - Associate Professor of theological studies of Islam

2011 - 2015 Guest teachers at the Faculty of Theology in Oslo - teaching in Islamic philosophy and theology, Islamic mysticism in a comparative perspective, Islam, Christianity and the West

2007-2011 - Associate Professor at the Centre for European Islamic Thought - University of Copenhagen (Islamic Studies)

2003 - 2006 – External Lecturer at the Faculty of Theology - University of Copenhagen (teaching in Islamic theology, Social ethics in Islam and Christianity).

2000-2003 – Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Theology – University of Copenhagen


Books / dissertations:

  • “Islamic Philosophy. Background, classical problems and contemporary expressions”, ANIS, Copenhagen, 2012.

  • “Cultural and religious encounters in Denmark. Identity formation among young Christians and Muslims”, Museum Tusculanums Forlag, Copenhagen, 2004.

  • “Passion of faith in Søren Kierkegaard and Sufism”, University of Copenhagen, 1999. (Doctoral dissertation, however, not published as a book)

Tags: Inter-religious Studies – inter-religious dialogue, Islam, Philosophy of Religion


  • Bektovic, Safet (2017). Developing Islamic Theology in the European Context, In Simone Sinn; Dina El Omari & Anne Hege Grung (ed.),  Transformative Readings of Sacred Scriptures. Christians and Muslims in Dialogue.  Evangelische Verlagsanstalt - Wissenschaft.  ISBN 9783374054305.  kapittel.  s 79 - 90
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Betydningen af islamisk teologi historisk og aktuelt. Teologisk Tidsskrift.  ISSN 1893-0263.  5(3), s 248- 262
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Towards a neo-modernist Islam: Fazlur Rahman and the rethinking of Islamic tradition and modernity. Studia Theologica - Nordic Journal of Theology.  ISSN 0039-338X.  70(2), s 160- 178 . doi: 10.1080/0039338X.2016.1253260

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  • Thielmann, Jorn & Bektovic, Safet (2018). European Islam in the Light of the Bosnian Experience. Brill Academic Publishers.  ISBN 978-90-04-36249-9.  13 s.

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  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Islamic and interreligious ethics, philosophy and theology at the Faculty of Theology (University of Oslo).
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Islamisk uddannelse og imamenes rolle i det norske samfund.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Moderne islam: tolkninger og diskurser.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Revelation, Scripture, and Hermeneutic Being Islamic and relating to the others.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). The role of philosophical practice in the teaching of dialogue and conversation practice in a faith- and life stance plural society.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Theological debates about religiously motivated violence and terrorism.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Unge muslimer og islam.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). Vold og terrorisme i islams navn.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2018). With the dialogue against Exclusivism - Christian-Muslim Relations in Denmark.
  • Eidberg, Mathias Henrik & Bektovic, Safet (2018). Om den hellige Ramadan.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2017). Dannelse i et islamisk filosofisk perspektiv.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2017). Ibn Arabi. Dialectics of Veiling and Unveiling God in Islam.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2017). Muslimer i Skandinavien.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2017). Signs of a hiden God in Islam.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Being Muslim refugie in Europe.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016, 01. mars). Ble bedre muslim av Kierkegaard-studier.  Dagen.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016, 12. januar). Interview. [Radio].
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Islamic Theology in Europe.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). På flugt til Danmark.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Religion og heligskrifter i moderne demokratiske samfund.
  • Bektovic, Safet (2016). Training of Imams in a non-Muslim enviromen.

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