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The Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo conducts research and teaching within Theology, Christian Studies, Inter-religious Studies and Diaconal Studies.


The faculty board is the faculty's highest decision-making body. The faculty and the faculty board is led by the Dean.


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Faculty of Theology
PO Box 1023
NO-0315 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 85 03 00


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today Jan.
2:00 PM, Domus Theologica, U214
13 Feb.
12:00 PM, Auditorium U40, Domus Theologica, Blindernveien 9
03 Mar.
10:00 AM, Faculty Library, Domus Theologica, Blindernveien 9
30 Mar.
3:30 PM, Norwegian Institute at Athens


  • elisabtv-200 Interview: Negotiating the border between religion and culture at Christmas time in Scandinavia Dec. 19, 2019

    Schools and TV programmes are important in shaping children and communities. In the Nordic countries, schools and broadcasters are frequently tasked with presenting cultural heritage to the public – particularly at Christmas time. Is cultural heritage exclusively Lutheran in Denmark and Norway? How do headteachers and broadcasters decide what is simply 'culture', and what is too religious for a broader public? How are new citizens expected to react to cultural heritage in the Nordics?

  • mcuyler-400 Faculty of Theology welcomes Mary Jane Cuyler, as visiting researcher Sep. 23, 2019

    Mary Jane Cuyler received her PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Sydney (Australia) with a dissertation on the archaeological remains of ancient Rome's port city of Ostia, especially the mysterious history of the sacred area of the Quattro Tempietti.