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The Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo conducts research and teaching within Theology, Christian Studies, Inter-religious Studies and Diaconal Studies.


The faculty board is the faculty's highest decision-making body. The faculty and the faculty board is led by the Dean.


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Faculty of Theology
PO Box 1023
NO-0315 Oslo

Phone: +47 22 85 03 00


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  • hans-barstad-300 In Memoriam Hans M. Barstad (1947 – 2020) Oct. 6, 2020

    Dr. Hans Magnus Barstad, professor of theology, was an outstanding researcher, a formidable supervisor, a nationally noted academic figure, and a good colleague and friend. His competence was widely recognized across the fields of biblical studies, theology, university library sciences, and in the wider realm of academia. We speak for many within the fields of theology and biblical studies when we say we remember Hans with gratitude and sorrow.

  • apocrypa-cook-slaiugher-hanserud-700 APOCRYPHA-project starting up Aug. 28, 2020

    With the arrival of the first three project members, August marks the starting point for the new EU-funded research project APOCRYPHA. Postdoctoral fellow Samuel Peter Cook, associate professor Laura Slaughter and executive officer Sigurd Hanserud have now joined professor and principal investigator Hugo Lundhaug.