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On the 12th of June, the authorities updated the guidelines. The new guidelines state that universities can reopen from the 15th of June – as long as the infection prevention measures are maintained. Please see our general infection prevention measures.


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  • apocrypa-cook-slaiugher-hanserud-700 APOCRYPHA-project starting up

    With the arrival of the first three project members, August marks the starting point for the new EU-funded research project APOCRYPHA. Postdoctoral fellow Samuel Peter Cook, associate professor Laura Slaughter and executive officer Sigurd Hanserud have now joined professor and principal investigator Hugo Lundhaug.

  • raha-300 Raha Sabet Sarvestany has started her research period at TF

    Raha Sabet Sarvestany started her research period at the Faculty of Theology in August. Through the Scholars at Risk-program, she will now spend a year researching how the Islamic revolution in Iran has affected the lives of intellectuals in the country.


19 Oct.
9:00 AM, Scandic Sjølyst/ Zoom
20 Oct.
Scandic Sjølyst/ Zoom
21 Oct.
Scandic Sjølyst/ Zoom
22 Oct.
Scandic Sjølyst/ Zoom

Authoritative Texts and Their Reception (ATTR)

For PhD students within the fields of theology, the humanities and law.

This research school offers research seminars, student seminars, mobility grants, and interdisciplinary research networks.


  • New knowledge about the Nordic model
  • Large interdisciplinary research effort

The Faculty of Theology hosts the research group NORDHOST (Nordic hospitalities in a context of migration and refugee crisis), and participates in The Public Sphere and Freedom of Expression in the Nordic Countries, 1815-1900

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