PluRel - a blog about religion and society


The PluRel blog is an academic website launched in 2011 and edited by the interfacultary research area PluRel (Religion in Pluralist Society) at the University of Oslo.

The blog is created to offer a forum for debate and discussion on new research efforts into the interface of religion and society, in Norway and abroad, past and present, inside the research network and beyond. While a majority of posts will address Norwegian research efforts, a considerable number of posts will feature exchanges between international scholars of religion and society.

Call for submissions

Although most contributions are invited, the editors welcome submissions on the interface of religion and society. Submissions should be approximately 2000 words, avoid too much academic jargon, and address a limited number of issues within a clearly argued body of text. Suggestions for respondents are welcome, but not necessary.

Send your submissions to for consideration.

The present editors of the PluRel blog are:

Oddbjørn Leirvik, professor of interreligious studies and leader of the PluRel network

Helge Årsheim, PhD candidate with the project Legal forms of the religious life

Vebjørn Horsfjord, PhD candidate with the project 'A Common Word -- A common language?'

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