Goba Project Hub

Akershus Castle Church. Photo: flickr

The Good Protestant, Bad Religion? (GOBA) project critically examines the mechanisms that lie behind the simplistic good/bad-narrative currently dominating debates on religion in the public sphere. 


The GOBA Blog chronicles and examines the formatting of religion in modern society, featuring brief news analysis, scholarly exchanges on aspects of formatting and continuous updates from activities under the GOBA project.


In January, GOBA launched Religion: Going Public, a collaborative blog on religion in the public sphere



Project I – Private Religion, Public Affairs

Private Religion, Public Affairs examines the processes by which public authorities format religion as private belief inspired by dominant forms of Western Protestantism.

Project II – Formatting Religion Beyond the State

Formatting Religion Beyond the State examines the ways in which people, groups and organizations in civil society offer counternarratives to the majority public formatting of religion.