Participants in Biblical Texts, Cultures and Receptions

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Marianne Bjelland Kartzow Professor +47 22850343 The New Testament, Gender and Religion, Historical Jesus, Gospel Literature
Anders Runesson Pro-Dean +47 22850305 New Testament Studies, Gospel Literature, Pauline Studies, Early Christianity, Ancient Judaism, Synagogue Studies, Greek, Hebrew, Latin
Hugo Lundhaug Professor +47 22850317 Church History, History of Religions, Manuscript Studies, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Orthodoxy and Heresy, Monasticism, Cognitive Theory, Reception of the Bible, Coptic
Terje Stordalen Professor +47 22850366 +47 90593212 (mob) 90593212 Hebrew Bible Studies/Old Testament, Wisdom literature, Canon, Hebrew, Antique religion and Culture, Comparative religious studies
Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme Professor +47 22850356 Hebrew Bible Studies/Old Testament, History of Religions, Ancient Judaism, Biblical Archaeology, Phenomenology of Religion, Religion and Culture of Antiquity, Ritual Studies, Hebrew
Vemund Blomkvist Senior Lecturer +47 22850319 New Testament Studies, Greek
Karin Berber Neutel Lecturer
Halvor Moxnes Professor Emeritus +47 22850318 +4790661217 (mob) +47 90661217 New Testament Studies, Historical Jesus, Hermeneutics, Gender Sexuality and Religion, Masculinity
Ellen Aasland Reinertsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95708924 (mob) New Testament Studies, Reception of the Bible, Christian Origins/Early Christianity, Intersectionality, Reception Studies, Gospel Literature, Greek, Coptic
Joanna Hypszer Doctoral Research Fellow Church History, History of Religions, Coptic Christianity, Manuscript Studies, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Monasticism, Papyrology, Coptic, Greek
Ole Jakob Løland Senior Academic Librarian +47 22850355 +4798694865 (mob) 98694865 New Testament Studies, Systematic Theology, Religion and Politics, Biblical Reception, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of religion
Lloyd Gregory Abercrombie
Samuel Peter Cook Postdoctoral Fellow History of Religions, Christian Apocryphal Literature, Coptic Christianity, Manuscript Studies, Papyrology, Coptic

Other participants