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Research groups

Most of our researchers are organized in research groups. Every third year research groups can apply to become "faculty level research groups". The current faculty level research groups have been appointed for the period 01.07.2019-31.06.2022.

Faculty level research groups

Biblical Texts, Cultures and Receptions

The research group studies Biblical texts, not only limited to the canonical scriptures, and these texts’ formative time. Our researchers also look at the material culture which history has handed over to us from the early centuries.

Interreligious Studies and Islamic theology

Studies and research in the field of Interreligious Studies focus on the relation between different religions and world views – varying from conflict to dialogue – in the wider perspective of religion and society. 

Systematic theology

Research in Systematic Theology concerns the central questions of Christian faith in our multi-religious and globalising world. Moreover, it discusses appropriate methods for a critical and self-critical Christian theology for the benefit of its three major publics, i.e. church, society, and academy