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Biblical Texts, Cultures and Receptions

The research group studies Biblical texts, not only limited to the canonical scriptures, and these texts’ formative time. Our researchers also look at the material culture which history has handed over to us from the early centuries.

About the Group

The texts that we study include the Hebrew Bible, Second Temple Judaism, New Testament, apocryphal literature, the Nag Hammadi codices, hagiographies, and the writings of the Church Fathers. The research group pays attention to the ancient texts and cultural settings as such, but also to the complex process of interpreting them. We encourage critical, innovative, and ethically engaged readings of ancient material and its reception. For us, hermeneutical awareness implies a gender perspective on history.

The group consists of researchers (PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows and permanent Faculty) who work within the field of Biblical Studies and early Christianity. It is led by Professor Marianne Kartzow.

Former members of the group, who have previously worked at the Faculty of Theology and occasionally participate, include: David Hellholm (Senior Professor), Kirsten Marie Hartvigsen (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Educational Sciences), Gitte Buch-Hansen (Professor, Copenhagen), Anna Rebecca Solevåg (Professor, VID), and members of the completed NEWCONT Project.

Cooperation and Networks

Local cooperation partners:

  • Centre for Gender Research
  • Bodies in Motion: Religion and Corporeality in Late Antiquity (funded by the Norwegian Research Council)

The group members are involved in several international networks:

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