Solomon the Lover and the Shape of the Song of Songs

Forfatter: Martin Ravndal Hauge

Fra forlagets nettside:

"Reading the Song of Songs perpetually raises the question, What is this love that has been sung about so evocatively to ever new generations? The exuberance of the poetry and the remarkable history of its reception make the understanding of what the poetry is all about the more urgent for the conscientious reader.

The shape of the Song and what this shape reveals of the poet’s concerns are central for this study. Hauge’s analysis discloses that a special arrangement of formally independent units, signalled by effects of repetition, is typical of its composition. The strophes are set out in a fivefold pattern containing three types of passage: narrative elements, addresses to the daughters of Jerusalem, and dialogues between the lovers."


Utgitt på Sheffield Phoenix Press

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Publisert 29. okt. 2015 11:14