The Formative Past and the Formation of the Future

Redigert av Terje Stordalen og Saphinaz-Amal Naguib.

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Terje Stordalen:
Canon and Canonical Commentary: Comparative Perspectives on Canonical Ecologies

Æresdoktor ved Det teologiske fakultet Aleida Assmann:
Impact and Resonance – Towards a Theory of Emotions in Cultural Memory

Fra forlagets nettside:

"Recent decades have seen a steady flow of scholarship on collective remembering and formation of shared identities. This volume contributes to this conversation in four ways. First, it takes part in theoretical discussion on collective remembering by targeting specific theorems and exploring these in analyses of specific, historical source records. Secondly, essays in the volume reflect a rich underlying cross disciplinary discussion, which is certainly required for these complex phenomena. Thirdly, a recurring focus in the collection are instances of collec­tive remembering in religious traditions and settings. Such instances, it is argued, are often “memory savvy” and thus pro­vide interesting case studies. Finally, the volume attempts to understand the dynamics and interplay between past, present, and future in processes of collective remembering and identity formation."

Utgivelsen er resultatet av et arbeid som startet med en konferanse med samme navn i regi av det tverrfakultære forskningsområdet Religion i pluralistiske samfunn (PluRel) ved Universitetet i Oslo.


Utgitt av Instituttet for sammenlignende kulturforskning i samarbeid med Novus Press.

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