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Application and admission - PhD

There are two ways to gain admission to the PhD programme:

  • apply for a post as doctoral research fellow
  • apply for admission with external funding

The starting date for new PhD candidates is usually February 1, and September 1.

Applying for a post as doctoral research fellow

In order to apply for a post as a doctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Theology, there must be one or more vacancies. Application deadlines can vary.

Successful applicants will be employed by the University while taking a PhD degree and will have the same rights and obligations as other employees.

Applying for admission with external funding

You can apply for admission to the programme if your PhD is to be funded by another institution or activity. You must be affiliated with an active research environment. External funding can be:

  • doctoral research fellowship at a university college/other university,
  • other employment in an academic institution, with time available for own research
  • other funding arrangements

There are two application deadlines every year: 15 March and 15 September.

Who qualifies for admission?

A high standard is required both with regard to competence and to the quality and relevance of the PhD project. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the current research work at the faculty.

Admission to the PhD programme requires funding for the entire period.