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Thesis, evaluation and public defense - PhD

The thesis: requirements and guidelines

  • Scope, lenght, language
  • Article-based thesis
  • Co-authors
  • Publication
  • Regulations for the degree of PhD
  • Guidelines

Submission of the thesis

  • Where and how is the thesis submitted?
  • Submitting a revised thesis
  • Resubmitting


  • When and how the adjudication committee is appointed
  • How long the evaluation takes, and possible outcomes
  • The recommendation

Trial lecture and public defence

Trial lecture

  • Trial lecture on an assigned topic
  • Procedure
  • Duration
  • Purpose and approval

Public defence

  • What is a public defense?
  • How is a public defense carried out?
  • Dress code

Doctoral dinner and conferral of the PhD degree

You can decide whether you want to host a doctoral dinner, and you are responsible for covering costs.

Conferral is the formal presentation of the doctoral diploma.

Information for the adjudication committee

Information to members of the adjudication committee who will act as an opponent.