The thesis: requirements and guidelines

Early in the studies

Familiarize yourself thoroughly with the requirements that apply to theses. It may be helpful to consider what the adjudication committee is looking for when writing the recommendation regarding the thesis:

Scope of the thesis

The scope of a PhD thesis should be such that it can be completed within the framework of the PhD programme, nominally 3 years net time for research training.

  • The thesis may consist of a single work (monograph) or several shorter works (article-based thesis).
  • A monograph is normally 200–250 pages long.
  • A thesis based on several shorter works or articles normally consists of at least 2–4 works, in addition to an introductory chapter/extended abstract.
  • When the thesis consists of works written by co-authors, it will normally consist of more than 3 works. The candidate will normally be the sole author of at least one of the Works.

Article-based theses

  • Collations of several shorter works are approved as a thesis if there is a relationship between the parts, and this relationship is explained in an introductory chapter, or an introduction and a conclusion (extended abstract).
  • The introductory chapter/extended abstract must not only summarize but also compare the issues and conclusions presented in the articles from an overall perspective.
  • If one or more of the articles have co-authors, you must document the extent of the co-authorship in each article by submitting co-author declarations.


If your thesis is article-based, one or more of your articles may have co-authors. If so, you must document the extent of the co-authorship and your contribution to each article by submitting co-author declarations. You must submit a completed and signed co-author declaration together with the thesis when it is submitted for adjudication.

You can read more about co-authorshipon the Research Ethics Committees website.


The thesis is normally written in Norwegian or English.

If you want to write your thesis in a language other than Norwegian or English, you must apply for permission to do so upon admission to the PhD programme.

Publicising the thesis

The thesis will be made publicly available no later than two weeks before the date set for the public defence. The faculty will pay for the printing of 50 copies. The faculty encourages candidates to make the thesis public in the University of Oslo's DUO Research Archive.


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