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Interdisciplinary Research School

This research school offers PhD students in the Humanities, Law, and Theology high-level reflection on theories and research methods related to textual scholarship, as well as interdisciplinary feedback on their ongoing dissertation work. ATTR is a collaboration between the leading academic institutions in Norway and incorporates a broad international network of senior scholars and PhD students. It is funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Seminars in 2019

"Digital Humanities and Textual Scholarship", Oct 28-31, at the University of Oslo. With research seminars, PhD project presentations, and more. 

Seminars in 2020

ATTR will arrange seminars on "Fiction and Authority" (March 28 - April 3, Athens), "Translation", (June 15 - 19, Bergen), and "Transmission" (October 19 - 23, Oslo).

PhD students

"The feedback I get here gives me other perspectives on my research." (Henriette Tøssebro, University of Oslo)

International experts

"The idea that ATTR embodies is outstanding and even essential" (Prof. H. Jefferson Powell, Duke University)

Mobility Grants

Do you want to spend time at a top-lever academic institution in 2020 or 2021?

Be inspired by the reports from other ATTR grantees, and start planning your stay as soon as possible

ATTR Mobility Grants will be awarded again in March 2020.