ATTR Participants

Learn more about who they are and what they are researching below. You may also read about why and in what way the PhD think that the ATTR seminars contribute to their research.

PhD students working within the fields of Humanities, Law and Theology.

ATTR Institutional Members 

Read about the PhD fellows from and the consortium (Universities of Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and from the Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo) who are current and former ATTR Members, and learn about their PhD Projects.

ATTR Guest Members 

Read more about the PhD students from other institutions (International and Norwegian) who have participated at one or more ATTR seminars as guests, and learn about their PhD projects.


We have interviewed particpants about their experiences at ATTR seminars and in what way they think that the seminars contribute to their research and academic network.


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