Project descriptions

Template for project descriptions when applying for a doctoral research fellowship or for admission to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Theology.

The project description is to be drawn up in accordance with this template (however, sometimes not all points will be equally relevant). The project description should be no longer than 10 pages or approximately 28,000 characters, including Spaces.

1. Project title

2. Main objective and summary 

Describe the main objective of the project and provide a brief summary of the project showing how you plan to achieve this objective. The aim is to give the reader enough information to consider whether the project is of interest.

3. Background to the project 

Explain the knowledge that exists within the field covered by the project. Show how the project will contribute new knowledge to this area. Also give an account of how your project is relevant to research at the Faculty of Theology – to research environments or projects.

4. Theoretical frame 

Give a brief presentation of the theoretical basis for the project and explain why you have chosen this basis.

5. Problems/research questions and expected answers (hypotheses)

Describe the questions that you seek to answer through your project, and briefly outline what kind of answers you expect, based on previous research and the theory in the field. Problems and hypotheses should clarify and define the topic.

6. Methods

Describe the methodology for your project and any research ethics issues relating to the project. Describe the data and source material to be used, and how this will be collected and analyzed.

7. Plan for dissemination of the PhD project

Briefly explain your plans for disseminating/publishing your PhD project, such as in articles, monographs, lectures etc.

8. Schedule of work 

Provide a tentative outline of the academic progression in your doctoral work over a 6-semester period. Include planned or anticipated periods of study outside the University of Oslo and/or field work. You are not expected to have an overview of the individual courses, seminars etc. that will form part of the educational component.

You are free to determine the scope of the various sections of the project description. The project description should also include:

  • Literature references (3,000 characters max.). The bibliography should be alphabetic, by author.
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