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Emneord: Bibelen - Det nye testamente, Evangeliene, Paulus, Jesus, Hermeneutikk


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  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2016). Divine Wrath and Salvation: The Narrative World of the First Gospel. Fortress Press.  ISBN 978-0-8006-9959-8.  545 s. Vis sammendrag
  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2015). “The Question of Terminology: The Architecture of Contemporary Discussions on Paul.”. Fortress Press.  ISBN 9781451470031.  24 s.

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  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2016). “The Ancient Synagogue and the Birth of Judaism and Christianity.”.
  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2015). “Beyond Ethics: The Politics of Moral Purity in the World of Matthew’s Gospel.”.
  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2015). “Domestic Worship in Ancient Judaism: Some Comments on Religion in the non-Public Sphere. A Response to Gabriele Faßbeck”.
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  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2015). “‘Ljus, bli till!’: Om kampen mot mörkret i bibeln.”.
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  • Runesson, Anders Paul Lennart (2015). “Understanding the Other: Public Space and the Ancient Synagogue as the Birthplace of Judaism and Christianity.”.

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