Would you like to be a visiting researcher at the Faculty of Theology?

The Faculty of Theology welcomes visiting researchers from other academic institutions. We will provide an office space, access to IT-facilities, full access to the University of Oslo library, and the chance to be an active and integrated part of the Faculty while here.

Domus Theologica

The Faculty of Theology

What is expected of a visiting researcher?

Visiting researchers are expected to primarily engage in their own research, but also to seek scholarly and cultural interaction with the Faculty of Theology as a whole. For example, it is expected that visiting researchers are willing and able to be present and contribute to academic, social, and cultural events that take place at the Faculty, such as our weekly joint lunches, open seminars and lectures, and through communication of their own research.

Visiting researchers have no teaching or other administrative responsibilities, but the Faculty welcomes ad hoc teaching assignments if that is deemed mutually beneficial. While the Faculty is pleased to be able to provide office space and other benefits as outlined above, the position as visiting researcher does not come with any additional funding or salary.

How to apply

A visiting researcher can stay for 1 month or up to a year. 

The visiting researcher should be involved in academic cooperation with a researcher at the Faculty of Theology, who will serve as an academic and social contact point. This researcher at the faculty is also the one who applies for the status as visiting researcher on your behalf.

The visiting researcher must provide a description of the planned research/activities for the application. The application must be submitted a month ahead of the research stay at the very latest. 

All applications must be approved by the Dean of Research and the Faculty Director. 

Published Mar. 27, 2020 10:52 AM - Last modified Dec. 21, 2020 2:11 PM