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Distinguished Visiting Speaker series

The Faculty of Theology has 3 bi-annual lectures in its Distinguished Visiting Speaker series: the Dahl Memorial Lecture, the Mowinckel Memorial Lecture and the Aasta Hansteen Memorial Lecture.

The Mowinckel Lecture

Sigmund Olaf Plytt Mowinckel (1884–1965) was one of his time’s leading biblical scholars. He was a professor at the University of Oslo from 1922 to 1954. Through a comprehensive academic production, he offered contributions of lasting value for the understanding of different types of biblical Hebrew literature, such as historical  narrative, prophetical books and poetical texts. 

During the celebration of Mowinckels 100th birthday, a symposion was offered at the Faculty of Theology (27 September 1984). Subsequently, the annual Mowinckel lecture was established and arranged every year. 


The Dahl Lecture

Nils Alstrup Dahl was born 25th of June 1911 and died July 2nd in 2001. He was a professor at the University of Oslo and at Yale University, USA, and Norway’s most international New Testament scholar in the 20th century.

Nils Alstrup Dahl publications ranged widely thematically, and in time, from 1936 until 2000, and his ideas are still discussed. Dahl played a role in initiating the new Historical Jesus research in the 1950s.

The Faculty of Theology presents every other year an international lecture in honour of  Nils Alstrup Dahl.


The Aasta Hansteen Lecture

The Aasta Hansteen Lecture on Gender and Religion is named after an early Norwegian feminist and activist. Aasta Hansteen (1824-1908) had the courage of a pioneer to engage in critical discourse on gender, culture and theology to help promote women’s rights both in Scandinavia and North America.

In memory of Aasta Hansteen and her spiritual kin, an internationally distinguished scholar is bi-annually invited to the Faculty of Theology to give a lecture and a seminar on seminal topics and theories in the academic fields of gender and religion, and feminist theology and philosophy. The lecture series was inaugurated in September 2011 as part of celebrating 200 years of academic theology at the University of Oslo.