Mowinckel Seminar: Restriction and Excess - Hosts, Guests and Strangers in a Mediterranean-type society and in Scandinavia today.

In this seminar, Gudme considers how a detailed study of hospitality in a Mediterranean-type society, such as the Hebrew Bible, can help contemplate hospitality and reception of strangers in contemporary Scandinavia.

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Dr. Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme

About the Seminar

The starting point for the discussion will be a description of Hebrew Bible hospitality as a normative and highly invested social practice that has the ability to forge long-lasting alliances but also to start wars. How does this Hebrew Bible ideal practice map on to contemporary Scandinavian ‘voluntary hospitality’ and can the differences between these two models help us to re-conceptualize the way we think of strangers as guests in e.g. Norway and Denmark today?


Responses to these considerations will be offered by Prof. Trygve Wyller and dr. Kaia Rønsdal, members of the TF research project NORDHOST: Nordic Hospitalities in a Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis. The third respondent will be guest researcher David Stiles-Ocran, Faculty of Theology, Oslo.

Norwegian Old Testament Society (NGTS)

Immediately after the seminar the Norwegian Old Testament Society (NGTS) will meet in the same venue, headed by prof. Karl William Weyde, MF School of Theology, Oslo.

Mowinckel lecture

See also this years Mowinckel Lecture: Invitation to Murder: Hospitality and Violence in the Hebrew Bible

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