Ritual and Democracy: REDO Workshop, London September 29-October 1, 2015

Guidelines for participants

The objectives for the workshop are to lay the groundwork for the proposed volume of essays on Ritual and Democracy, a key output of the REDO project. The focus of this workshop is not on our paper presentations – although we want a short, focused 5-minute presentation from each REDO scholar that clarifies how their work will address the ritual: democracy problematic. Our aim, rather, is to develop a sustained conversation among ourselves and with our guests. As such, we want the focus to be on discussion.

We have invited contributions from three Open University colleagues whose work, we hope, you will find challenging, stimulating and engaging. We hope that these contributions will help us navigate a complex terrain of political science, philosophy and sociology and forge bridgeheads with our own expertise in theology, religious studies and anthropology. We hope you will find the programme and the location conducive to intellectual exploration and we look forward to thinking with you.


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