July 22 Multi-workshop at DogA in Oslo

October 20 - 22, REDO invites young adults in Oslo to take part in the participatory research project "July 22. Examined".

Photo: © Sara Johannessen/VG/NTB scanpix


What really happened on July 22 2011? How was it possible that this could happen? How did the events affect you and Norway? Can a society with room for both significant disagreement and strong communities avoid such terror to repeat itself?


Based on these questions we ask young adults (18-30 years) to share memories from the time after July 22 2011, their experiences from the years that have passed since, and thoughts on what binds us together in communities - now and in the future.

Regardless of where you were or how you were affected by the incident, you are welcome. All perspectives are important in this conversation.

Many experienced a very special bond briefly in the streets of Oslo after July 22, with public commemorations, open assemblies and symbolic actions. Is this a unity that still characterizes Norway? Can such community be recreated and strengthened, and if so how?

Many also agreed that the antidote to terror was more democracy. Democracy does not start in unity and cohesion, but in the fact that we live together and disagree. It provides rules for how we can still reach agreement and get things done. Is it possible to imagine democracy as a true community of disagreement? How are such communities created, and who participates?

What role should the politicians play for July 22 to never happen again? What about religion? Who is the Norwegian people - and how can we together create the open, inclusive society that July 22 showed us we want to be?


The workshop takes place at DogA (Norwegian Centre of Design and Architecture) in Hausmannsgate 16 by the river in downtown Oslo daily from 17-20 in the period Monday 20 - Wednesday 22 October 2014.


It is possible to attend only one, or all the afternoon sessions.


Find more information on the project's Norwegian website.


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