REDO roundtable discussion: "Reassembling Democracy. Ritual as Cultural Resource": December 9, 2013

Invitation to roundtable discussion with the new NFR/Samkul project «Reassembling Democracy. Ritual as Cultural Resource (REDO)”.

Short introductions of three singular REDO research projects:

  • Sarah Pike (USA), “Internal revolution: collective ritualizing and youth conversion to radical environmentalism”
  • Marion Grau (USA), “Pilgrimage as Earthbound Ritual Re-traditioning: Exploring Nidaros and Selje”
  • Morny Joy (Canada), “Changing the world”

Words of welcome by Dean Trygve Wyller. Short responses by Sivert Angel (Rector, Practical Theological Seminary), Stine Holte (postdoc) and Leonora Onarheim (PhD student), who will initiate the discussion with all of us.

Sandwiches & refreshments will be served

Please join us for this occasion!


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