Hugo Lundhaug, Koptiske skrifter

Verdens Hellige Skrifter. Oslo: De norske bokklubbene, 2012.

This book contains an introductory essay and new Norwegian translations of the Enthronement of Michael; Pseudo-Timothy's homily On Abbaton the Angel of Death; Pseudo-Athanasius on the Resurrection of Lazarus; the Book of Thomas, the Teachings of Silvanus, and the Exegesis on the Soul from the Nag Hammadi Codices; Who Speaks Through the Prophet, And It Happened One Day, and I Am Amazed by Shenoute of Atripe; Dioscorus of Alexandria's Letter to Shenoute; Historia Horsiesi; the Life of Aphou of Pemdje; and the Martyrdom of Apa Nahroou.

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