Workshop: Borderland Religion. Migration and Religion: A Mutual Impact

A workshop at UTS and CUNY in cooperation with the GOBA-project (Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, Norway), and The Thuthuka Migration and Religion Program ( University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa)

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Thursday, November 12 

Union Theological Seminary, Room 36

0900 Coffee
0930  D. Machado, UTS/ T. Wyller, Oslo: Welcome: Borderland and Reformatting Religion
0945-1030: M. Seifert, Texas: Texas/Borderland Narratives: Lived Experience
1045-1200: D. Machado, UTS: Santa Muerte: A Transgressing Saint Transgresses Borders [abstract]
1200: Lunch at UTS
1300-1415: F. Settler, PMB:  A postcolonial perspective on religion and migration
1415-1500: L. Phiri, PMB: To move or not to! Queering Borders and Faith – The case of diverse sexualities in Zambia and South Africa [abstract]
1515-1630: H-J Sander, Salzburg: Religion-making in the Border Space and by Border Land [abstract]
1630-1700: M. Seifert: Reflections on the Day’s Work: A View From the Border
1730 Dinner at Local Restaurant

Friday, November 13

City University of New York. Room 9100

1200 – 1300  Lunch at CUNY, 8th floor
1300 J. Torpey, New York: Welcome
1305 -1430 J. Carens, Toronto:  Ethics of Migration
1445-1600 R. Forlenza and B. Turner, New York : The Abendland and After- religious borders in the construction of the European Union [abstract]
1600 -1700 K. Villadsen, Copenhagen: Is Migration a Counter-Conduct?
1730 Dinner at Local Restaurant

Saturday, November 14 

Union Theological Seminary, Room 36

0900-1030:  T. Wyller, Oslo:  A Heterotopic Power of the Powerless: Reformatting Religion in Congolese  Borderland Services in Pietermaritzburg [abstract]
1115 – 1245: S. Kumalo, PMB:   “Singing the Lords`songs in a Foreign Land”. Migration, Citizenship and Religion in South Africa. [abstract]
1245 Lunch
1245 -1400: M. Seifert: Between Religion and Politics: A View From the Border
1400-1430: General discussion introduced by B.Turner and F.Settler.
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