Stellenbosch Conference

From June 22-26 2009 the researchers are participating at the Joint Conference of Academic Societies in the fields of Religion and Theology in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Presentations by researchers from "Broken Women, Healing Traditions?":

Jone Salomonsen:

"UMEMULO 2005. Animal sacrifice and human rites (of passage) in the context of Aids in Africa" : An ethnographic film

Sarojini Nadar:

Who’s Afraid of the Bible Believing Christian? Reading the Bible as Feminist in Relation to Neo-Pentecostal Challenges,

Beyond the “ordinary reader” and the “invisible intellectual”: Pushing the boundaries of Contextual Bible Study Discourses

“Adam was made from the soil and Eve was made from a little rib”: Can the creation narratives assist in creating just genderrelations in the context of HIV&AIDS?

Isabel Phiri:

Rape, lobola, polygamy and compensation: Inter-religious resources for assisting in just gender relations in the context of HIV&AIDS
“Going through the fire with eyes wide open”: A theological analysis of indigenous songs for critiquing patriarchy in the prevention of HIV and AIDS

Anthony Balcomb:

“All is here, all is now, all is one – Participatory consciousness and the African worldview in contemporary science, theology and philosophy”

Kjetil Hafstad and Syprian Yohama Hilinti:

Panel Presentation:
1) Independent and Autonomous in Society: The Changing Marriage Culture in Norway;
2) Engendering Parenting Psychology among the Wangaturu of Tanzania: A Dichotomy in the Upbringing of Children?

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