Dahlforelesningen 2018: Professor Brigitte Kahl

Professor Brigitte Kahl er invitert til å holde Dahlforelesningen 2018. Tittelen på forelesningen er "Cross and Trophy: Paul's iconoclastic re-imagination of the 'Crucified Messiah'".

Brigitte Kahl er professor i Det nye testamente ved Union Theological Seminary i New York.

Brigitte Kahl. Foto: Union Theological Seminary

Kort sammendrag

Crosses and trophies are twin images in the Roman visual world of the first century CE, omnipresent as signposts of imperial power over the bodies and minds of the conquered. While crosses expose armor-less human bodies to torturous dying, the cruciform trophies are the body-less armor of an already dead enemy. Both are images of triumph and merciless retaliation against the non-compliant.  Seen through the lens of the trophy, Paul’s theology of cross and justification by faith emerges as resistant messianic counter-visualization, as the body of the crucified empowers a rebellious re-embodiment of the dis-embodied.


10.15-11.00 Dahlforelesning ved Brigitte Kahl

13.00-15.00 Seminar

  • Introduksjon ved Brigitte Kahl
  • Respondenter: Postdoktor Karin B. Neutel, Ole Jakob Løland
  • Ledet av professor Anders Runesson og professor Marianne B. Kartzow 


Tekst til seminaret: 

Brigitte Kahl, "The Galatian Suicide and the Transbinary Semiotics of Christ Crucified (Gal 3:1): Exercises in Visual Exegesis and Critical Re-imagination", 195-240 in Vernon K. Robbins, Walter S. Melion, and Roy R. Jeal (Eds.), The Art of Visual Exegesis: Rhetoric, Texts, Images. Emory Studies in Early Christianity, Atlanta: SBL Press, 2017


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