Mowinckel-forelesningen 2014 - Prophecy as Trap: Isaiah 6 and its Permutations

Årets Mowinckel-foreleser er professor Francis Landy, University of Alberta, Canada.


"In Isaiah 6, the prophet is commissioned to speak so that people should not understand and thus be destroyed.  The commission has parallels in other 8th century prophets, notably Amos and Hosea, for whom prophecy and history are a divine trap. I will proceed through a discussion of the ethical implications of the commission, using especially the ethical philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, to a reading of particular texts: Isaiah 6, 29.1-14, and the Immanuel prophecy in 7.14-25.   I will end with a consideration of reading and meaning. Criticism is a process of bafflement, of realising that one will never fully understand, that there are doors in the text one will never open."


Forelesningen vil bli etterfulgt av et seminar fra kl. 13, det finner sted på rom U305.

Tittel på seminaret: The Child-King: Messianic Dreams

"The focus of this seminar will be the intertwining of the images of the child and the future ideal king through the early chapters of Isaiah.  The child holds the promise of a new age, and is a figure of utter powerlessness. He thus corresponds to a king who reigns without violence, in a unified and peaceful world.  Texts to be discussed will include Isa. 2, 7.14-15, 8.1-18, 9.5-6 and 11.  With luck we may touch on Isa 32 and 33. The theoretical background will draw on Derrida’s concept of messianicity as one of the two sources of religion."

Om Francis Landy

Francis Landy is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, where he teaches in the areas of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament, Judaism, Kabbalah, and theories of religion. Landy has published books on the Song of Songs and Hosea, a collection of essays entitled Beauty and the Enigma and Other Essays on the Hebrew Bible, and also many articles. His area of specialization is the poetry and poetics of the Hebrew Bible, and he is a recognized international capacity in this field.

For many years Landy has been engaged on a long term project on the book of Isaiah. In a recent interview with Ian Wilson on the occasion of his retirement Landy said, “The biblical writers were writing out of their deepest, most fundamental experiences, about the terrifying and mystifying forces in their lives – forces of life and death, including death wishes and life wishes. A writer writes sensuously, imaginatively, out of the flotsam and jetsam of the world. So I think that in reading and writing about these things one has to be very attentive to precisely what one cannot know – the minute intonations of the words, the "hearing beyond the hearing of the ears", to the dream world that is being fostered.” That is perhaps a summary of his work.

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