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i dag jan.
Lord Stephen Green, photo
Tid og sted: 28. jan. 2020 14:0016:00, Domus Theologica, U214

You are warmly invited to attend the Systematic Theology research group seminar with Stephen (Lord) Green. The seminar will focus on his recently published book: The Human Odessey: East, West and the Search for Universal Values

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Sven Thore Kloster. Photo.
Tid og sted: 13. feb. 2020 12:0016:00, Auditorium U40, Domus Theologica, Blindernveien 9

Sven Thore Kloster will defend his doctoral dissertation: "Towards an Agonistic Theology. A Political Reading of the Concepts of Tradition in the Christian Theologies of Gerhard Ebeling and Kathryn Tanner," for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) at the Faculty of Theology.