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Islam-related research at the Faculty of Theology has four overarching perspectives: (1) Islamic theology, (2) interreligious relations, (3) Islam and gender, and (4) Islam as lived religion.

The University of Oslo is host to a broad competence in the field of Islamic studies – mostly located in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology.

Central features of Islamic studies at the Faculty of Theology can be captured by the cues of Islamic university theology, interreligious studies, Islam and gender, and lived religion. The expression “Islamic university theology” refers to Islamic thought as it unfolds today within the framework of European universities, and in a multireligious context.

Research groups

Research projects

International networks

  • Islamic studies at the following universities: Teologiska Institutionen at Uppsala university; Department of Religious Studies at University of Cape Town; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Akademie der Weltreligionen at the University in Hamburg; Center for Islamic theologu at the University in Münster; The Shi'ah Institute at Bloomsbury House, London
  • The study of Islam as Lived Religion (Nordic network)
  • European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies; American Academy of Religion (Religion and Sexuality Group; Interfaith and Interreligious Studies Group); African Association for the Study of Religion
  • Involvement in journals: Islamic Africa, Journal of Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology