More about the research field Interreligious Studies

Since 2000, this field has been defined as a particularly prioritized area at the Faculty, under the title of “interreligious studies”. Studies and research in the field consider interreligious relations, but also the relation between religion and society in general (for example the tension between religion and secularism and the relation between religion and human rights).

Photo: Morten Uglum /Scanpix

The field of expertise also includes comparative religious studies in an historical perspective. The main focus is however on the current dynamic meeting between religions and worldviews – locally and globally. As an agent in religious processes of change, the Faculty does not simply want to do inter-religious studies, but also to itself contribute to the living dialogue and necessary reflection around this.

Interreligious studies was an important aspect of the interdisciplinary research program Religion in Pluralistic Societies (PluRel, 2009-2015) and was also an important part of the research program Religion in a Globalised Age (2001-2005).


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