Textual Transmission and Manuscript Culture: Textual Fluidity, “New Philology,” and the Nag Hammadi (and Related) Codices

The 2012 NEWCONT Workshop


Tuesday, December 11

0900-0930 Welcome

0930-1015 Hugo Lundhaug (Oslo, UiO): “New Light on Old Problems: ‘New Philology’ and the Nag Hammadi (and Related) Codices.”

1015-1100 Stephen Emmel (Münster): “What Could One Read in Coptic in Pre-Arab Conquest Egypt?”

1100-1115 Coffee Break

1115-1200 René Falkenberg (Aarhus): “Scribe(s) and Readers of Nag Hammadi Codex III.”

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1345 Ingvild Gilhus (Bergen): “‘Remember me also, my brethren, in your prayers…’: Themes and Reading Strategies in Nag Hammadi Codex II.”

1345-1430 Samuel Rubenson (Lund): “Textual Fluidity in Early Monasticism: Sayings, Sermons and Stories.”

1430-1445 Coffee Break

1445-1530 Alin Suciu (Hamburg): “A Typology of Textual Fluidity in Coptic Literature and Manuscripts.”

1530-1615 Christian Askeland (Wuppertal): “The Sahidic Apocalypse and the Dawn of the Digital Age.”

1615-1630 Coffee Break

1630-1715 Jesper Hyldahl (Aarhus): “The Disappearance of Jesus Christ. Textual Destability - The Texts in Nag Hammadi Codex V and Its Rewritten Sources.”

1715-1800 Liv Ingeborg Lied (Oslo, MF): “Text – Work – Manuscript: Transmission and Transformation of Jewish Pseudepigrapha in Syriac Monastic Milieus in Egypt.”

1900 Dinner

Wednesday, December 12

0900-0945 Katrine Brix (Berlin, HU): “NHC I,3 and XII,2: Two Evidences, One Valentinian Gospel?”

0945-1030 Ulla Tervahauta (Helsinki): “Athanasius, Asclepius, and the Great Demon in Fourth Century Egypt.”

1030-1045 Coffee Break

1045-1130 Lance Jenott (Princeton/Oslo, UiO): “Ascent to the Imageless God: Noetic Prayer in Evagrius Ponticus and Nag Hammadi Codex XI.”

1130-1215 Dylan Burns (Copenhagen): “Reading Nag Hammadi in the context of Later Greek Philosophy: The Case of Allogenes (NHC XI,3).”

1215-1315 Lunch

1315-1400 Christian Bull (Bergen): “What can the Ancient Manuscripts tell us about the Hermetic Tradition?”

1400-1500 Concluding Discussion



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