A real Jesus in a fake Jerusalem? Florida's Holy Land theme park

Lecture by Professor Burke O. Long, Bowdoin College,Maine, US.



Burke Long, has taught courses in Judaism, Christianity, and Bible. Now retired, he is continuing his studies of ways in which the Bible is appropriated in American culture.
Among his recent publications are: Planting and Reaping Albright: Politics, Ideology, and Interpreting the Bible (Penn State, 1997); Imagining the Holy Land. Maps, Models and Fantasy Travels (Indiana University Press, 2003). Long is at work now on a new book, Performing the Bible and Enacting America. In this lecture he shows how the Holy Land is reenacted in religious types of “Disneyland.”

The lecture is part of the seminar ”Holy land as Homeland? Models for constructing the historic landscapes of Jesus,” in the project (NFR) Jesus in Cultural Complexity, March 5.-6.

The lecture is followed by conversation and coffee.

Published Oct. 31, 2010 2:14 PM