Special events

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Lecture by Professor Burke O. Long, Bowdoin College,Maine, US.


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Professor Jennifer Glancy (University of Richmond, USA): The Body of Jesus and Other First Century Bodies.

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 Professor Leif Vaage, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto: "The Quest for the Historical Jesus and Contemporary Cultural Politics.”

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Jesus and Muhammad are symbol characters for each world religion, and are often pitted against each other in religious clashes. In this seminar, we will attempt a more dialogic comparison of presentations of Jesus and Muhammad as historical figures who also have a role as role models for current religious identity.

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In Norway, little is known about Jewish perspective on Jesus' death. Therefore, the project Jesus in Cultural Complexity presents Jewish Jesus images on 29th March at the House of Literature: 14-16.  

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 Høstmøte i NNTFF - foredrag med Per Bilde og Hans Kvalbein.

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One day seminar for master students with professor Carolyn Osiek, Brite Divinty School, Texas Christian University.