Program seminar on intersectionality

Seminar by the NFR-project Jesus in Cultural Complexity: Interpretation, Memory and Identification in corporation with the Nordic PhD network Early Christianity in its Greco-Roman Context.


 Methods for the study of the Jesus movement: Intersectionality.


Venue: Gjestehuset Lovisenberg
Lovisenberggata 15 A, 0456 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 35 82 30



Monday 27th of October

11.15: Halvor Moxnes (University of Oslo): Welcome and presentation of the project and participants
11.30: Marianne Bjelland Kartzow (University of Oslo): An Intersectional Approach to Early Christian Memory
12.45: Lunch
14.15: Jennifer Glancy (University of Richmond, Virginia): The Body of Jesus and Other First Century Bodies (Open Lecture at Domus Theologica, U40)
16.15: Caroline Vander Stichele (University of Amsterdam): Contextualizing Gender in Early Christian Discourse
17.45: Outi Lehtipuu (University of Helsinki): Virgin - Prisoner - Preacher: A Woman's Place in the Acts of Paul and Thecla
18.45: Hanna Stenström (Svenska Kyrkans Forskningsråd): Response
19.30: Dinner

Tuesday 28th of October

09.15: Denise Buell (Williams College): Cyborg Memories: An Impure History of Jesus
10.45: Halvor Moxnes (University of Oslo): The Identity of Jesus and the Cultural Complexity of the Historical Galilee
12.00: Lunch
13.15: Beatrice Halsaa (Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo): The Concept of Intersectionality
14.15: Final discussion
15.30: End of conference.

PhD-session starts

15.45: Daniel McGinnis. Respondent: Halvor Moxnes
16.30: Zorodzai Dube. Respondent: James Crossley


Wednesday 29th of October (at the Faculty of Theology)

09.15 Annhild Tofte Arnevik. Respondent: Åse Røthing
10.00 Michelle Krejci. Respondent: Terje Stordalen
10.45 Inger Marie Lid. Respondent: Marianne Bjelland Kartzow
11.30 Lunch
12.30 Hans Leander. Respondent: Halvor Moxnes
13.15 Syprian Yohana Hilinti. Respondent: Marianne Bjelland Kartzow
14.00 The End


Nordic colleagues are hereby invited to the seminar. Travel cost and hotel must be paid by senior scholars, while PhD-students can apply for founding from the Nordic network Early Christianity in its Greco-Roman Context.

Sign up for the seminar (and PhD applications): deadline15th of September 2008. PhD papers to be presented on Wednesday must be circulated before 13th of October, to m.b.kartzow(a) and halvor.moxnes(a)

With paper, the course will give 5 credit points within the PhD-programme.



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