Transformative Readings of Sacred Scriptures International Christian – Muslim Consultation on Hermeneutics

On March 10.-13., GOBA will host a Christian-Muslim consultation on how to faithfully transmit divine messages across different generations and in diverse contexts so that it becomes meaningful and relevant for the readers.

This consultation is hosted by the GOBA subproject Theological Formations of Islam, and asks how the reading of sacred texts can become transformative for
those who interact with the text, and how texts may unfold their meaning.

Hermeneutical explorations become most tangible by looking at specific topical questions together and it is most fruitful to look at how the Bible and the Qur’an deal with theological as well as ethical issues. Currently, the following four themes are widely debated:

- mercy/ grace
- otherness
- gender
- environmental ethics

At the consultation, these themes will be discussed by Christian and Muslim scholars from different regions globally. They come with a range of expertise in scriptural interpretation, religious studies, pastoral care, philosophical theology, gender studies and pedagogics.

NB: Please note that the lectures on Friday are open for everybody, but the rest of the consultation is by invitation only.

The consultation is jointly organized by:

Click here to download the full program (pdf)

Tags: interreligious relations, scriptural reasoning, sacred texts
Published Jan. 27, 2016 3:29 PM - Last modified Mar. 7, 2016 5:04 PM