How to participate

Participation at all ATTR seminar requires an application for each seminar as well as membership in the Research School.

Below you will find guidelines for the application and participation requirements.

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Apply through Søknadsweb

After reading the guidelines below, register your application in the University of Oslo's course portal 'Søknadsweb'. 

If you have questions related to the technical aspect of Søknadsweb, please contact Knutepunktet.

Apply for membership

A prerequisite for participation is membership. We welcome applications for membership from PhD candidates admitted into PhD programs at all member institutions (UiO, UiB, UiT, NTNU, MF). PhD fellows accepted at other programs are welcome to apply for guest membership. When you become a regular or guest member of the ATTR, you are also admitted into the ATTR Member Associations

Overview of requirements

Participants in ATTR research seminars need to provide a number of documents and to fulfil certain workload requirements.

The documents you will have produced when the seminar is completed, are:

  • Abstract for your PhD paper
  • Your PhD paper
  • Two responses to fellow PhD candidates’ presentations
  • A short reflection on how parts of the mandatory reading relate to your PhD project.

The workload requirements you will have fulfilled when the seminar is completed, are:

  • You will have completed the mandatory reading in advance of the seminar.
  • You will have taken part in all plenary and PhD group events.


The working language of ATTR is English. All sessions use this language, and all abstracts, responses, and reflections must be written in English. If your thesis is written in a Scandinavian language, you may submit your PhD paper in that language. If so, you need to send us an email notifying us of your choice of language when applying for participation in a seminar. All other documents you submit must still be in English.

Application requirements

With your application you need to submit your PhD paper and the abstract for this paper.

PhD paper: You should submit piece of independent research, preferably from your PhD dissertation. If you are a fresh PhD fellow, you may submit your PhD project description or a part of your thesis.

Abstract: No more than one page, in English.

Reader’s guide (optional): A reader’s guide can help your readers understand the status of your PhD project, identify important points in your text, and indicate topics or questions that you would like to have feedback on.

Participation Requirements

As a participant you are expected to:

  • take part in all plenary and PhD Group sessions
  • read all PhD papers in your group
  • present your own PhD paper
  • respond to the PhD papers of two other fellows
  • read all required readings as preparation for the research seminar
  • select one or two items from the list of required readings and write a short reflection (1-2 pages) on how the research in these items might be relevant for your PhD project. Prepare questions for the plenary presentation(s) which these items are associated to
  • optional: serve as appointed interlocutor for one of the plenary presentations. If you wish to have this role, send an email to the scientific director.

For further specification of and information about the different requirements, please see the ATTR Seminar Guide

Tips for applicants

When your application has been registered, you will no longer find the course listed as an alternative. Go directly to "My documents" and upload your paper under the category "letter".

"My documents" will show which documents we have access to, and you may add attachments here until the deadline.

PhD students from other institutions than the University of Oslo should pay attention to the following:

  • If you are a PhD fellow employed in Norway: Register in the University of Oslo's Søknadsweb portal, not the portal of your own institution.
  • If you are employed at one of the ATTR member institutions (UiT, UiO, UiB, NTNU or MF) you will need to be an ATTR member in order to be admitted. Please apply for ATTR membership within the application deadline.
  • If you are a PhD student/fellow from a non-Norwegian institution and have not registered before: European/EEA Citizen: open an account as an "International Applicant" and apply.
  • Non-European citizen: Contact Ina Marie Ausland before you apply.


Your admittance will depend on the relevance of your PhD project to the ATTR educational program, and your topic and academic field. At every seminar, we form an interdisciplinary group with PhD students from the fields of Law, Theology and the Humanities, and preferably from all ATTR's partner institutions and international top-level academic institutions.

Each seminar has a limited number of Places. Most places are reserved for PhDs employed at UiO/UiB/UiT/MF/NTNU (ATTR's member institutions), the rest for PhDs from other national and international institutions.