How to participate

After reading the guildelines below (application and participation requirements, application tips), register your application in the University of Oslo's course portal 'Søknadsweb'


Apply through Søknadsweb

For course requirements and tips, see below.

Application requirements

Paper: You have two options, to submit your PhD project description or part of your thesis.

New applicants also need to submit an abstract of your PhD project and PhD program confirmation.

Participation requirements

All participants will present a paper and respond to two of the other participant's papers (prepared, written responses).

All participants are also expected to prepare for the research seminars (required reading) and to participate at all parts of the program throughout the week. 

Tips for new applicants

When your application has been registered, you will no longer find the course listed as an alternative. Go directly to "My documents" and upload your paper under the category "letter".

"My documents" will show which documents we have access to, and you may add attachments here until the deadline.

PhD students from other institutions than the University of Oslo should pay attention to the following:



Your admittance will depend on the relevance of your PhD project to the ATTR educational program, and your topic and academic field. At every seminar, we form an interdisciplinary group with PhD students from the fields of Law, Theology and the Humanities, and preferably from all ATTR's partner institutions and international top-level academic institutions.

Each seminar has a limited number of Places. Most places are reserved for PhDs employed at UiO/UiB/UiT/MF/NTNU (ATTR's member institutions), the rest for PhDs from other national and international institutions.