Virtual workshop: How to Manage Your Time as a Researcher with Dr. Kerstin Fritsches

To succeed long term in a highly competitive environment, it is essential that early career researchers develop effective working habits.

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This 3-hour workshop provides practical advice to help researchers increase productivity by enhancing their current time management practices. The session will tackle common challenges such as prioritizing constructively, making time for writing, managing interruptions and effectively running multiple projects at the same time. The highly interactive format of the event ensures that participants leave the session with practical tools and ideas that suit their own working styles and circumstances.

This is a workshop for ATTR members and alumni. Register on the link below. There are a limited number of places available, and "first come, first served" applies.

Early registration is recommended. Please let us know if you are prevented from participating by sending an e-mail.

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Programme outline

21 October, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Part 1: Spring-clean your current schedule

Interactive session discussing strategies and tools to improve current working habits, particularly around challenges such as dealing with interruptions, making time for writing, and  managing email and other communications.

Part 2: Using planning to increase your productivity

Presentation and exercises introducing different planning strategies to optimise time management and focus on working productively. 

Breaks: To suit the online working style the event will contain regular 5-10 minute breaks throughout the workshop.

Target Audience and format: The workshop will be designed for PhD candidates at ATTR, however it is also suitable to researchers post-PhD.

Using the zoom platform the event will contain short presentations alternating with individual exercises and small group discussions via virtual break-out rooms.

In preparation for the workshop, registered participants will be asked to complete a short survey on their current time management challenges. This will help PostdocTraining further refine the presentation and guide discussions during the workshop. Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous.

About the presenter: Dr Kerstin Fritsches

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Dr. Kerstin Fritsches

Kerstin is a former research fellow who spent the majority of her 12-year research career on grant funding, with first-hand experience of the challenges facing early career researchers and a strong track record in postdoc affairs and career development.

A lack of effective career training for PhDs led Kerstin to found PostdocTraining in 2011, to bridge a gap in professional development by delivering support tailored specifically for PhD candidates and postdocs. PostdocTraining delivers career development support and mentoring for researchers worldwide and Kerstin has become a sought-after workshop facilitator on topics such as career planning and research leadership both in Europe and Australia.

Testimonials from recent workshops

Participants in recent virtual time-management workshops summed up the benefits as follows:

The workshop addressed a lot of the time management challenges faced by researchers and provided several suggestions and tools that can help us get better at managing our time more effectively. It was a good mix of lecture and practical tasks.

The workshop was very useful and with concrete strategies on how to manage my time.”

It was a very helpful session that had ways to help manage your time, and as a new PhD student I found this very informative.”

I think the tools and strategies that were discussed would be very useful for anyone working in the academia. It's often difficult to think about your goals in concrete and strategic ways in your everyday work life, so it's very useful to get the opportunity (and the tools) to formulate them in those terms.

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