Feedback Forum

The ATTR members association Feedback Forum invites members and alumni to take part in a monthly sessions for peer to peer feedback on your text.

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The feedback forum is intended as a possibility to have one's texts commented, and, equally important, to have the possibility to reflect on and learn from the texts of others, and to communicate directly with the author of a text. We will meet on the second Monday each month, from 09:30 to 12:00. 

The texts submitted for comments could be in any language, of any size and format, ranging from a title or an abstract to a full article or even a full thesis. The comments could be on any aspect or on any level, focusing on language, form, layout, arguments, or any other aspect. Preferably, the comments of a text should be in that language or in English. The general idea is that anything helps, and most starting points are good for getting a good discussion.

Reader’s guide (optional): A reader’s guide can help your readers understand the status of your PhD project, identify important points in your text, and indicate topics or questions that you would like to have feedback on.

To attend the meeting you need to register in advance. You will then receive a link to join the meeting. 

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  • Deadline for submission of one's text is one week before the meeting time
  • Deadline for notifying that you wish to be a respondents is Friday before the meeting time

Two days before each meeting, a time schedule will be set up with texts and respondents.

Text submission

The ATTR members association have set up a folder in Dropbox for this use.

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PhD representative Lars Henrik Johansen if you have questions regarding the Feedback Forum.

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