Reception: Practices and Strategies for Interpreting Texts

This seminar focuses ongoing research on the roles of materialities, politics, and emotions in the never-ending transformation of influential texts through their reception.

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The spring seminar 2022 has a theme befitting for a PhD school named Authoritative Texts and Their Reception. The spring seminar in March 2022 takes room at the Norwegian Institute at Athens – literally in the shadows of the Acropolis. It resonates with the interdisciplinary developments of the field of reception studies, which includes, but is not limited to, literary studies, classical studies, religious studies, art studies, cultural studies, and social anthropology. Approaches within history and theory of reading, history of the book, history of emotions, performative theories of reception, empirical studies of contemporary as well as historical receptions of texts perceived to be culturally significant have proved to be particularly fruitful. All these approaches are potentially relevant to ATTR fellows, and this research seminar aims to provide a sketch of important recent scholarship as well as samples of inspiring ongoing research.

The seminar is organized in co-operation with the research group Reception Studies and the History of the Book at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Oslo, headed by Dr. Giuliano D’Amico. Members of this group will serve as presenters and PhD seminar group leaders. In addition, there will, as always, be highly rated international and national speakers.

How to participate

A prerequisite for participation in all ATTR seminars is membership. We welcome membership applications from PhD candidates employed at one of the ATTR member institutions (UiO, UiB, UiT, NTNU, MF). PhD students at other institutions internationally are welcome to participate in individual ATTR seminars.

How to apply and application requirements



Practical information

A seminar for PhD students within the fields of Humanities, Theology, and Law.

  • The seminar will take place at the Norwegian Institute at Athens
  • The seminar equals 5 ECTS
  • The seminar is free of charge and most of your expenses (flight tickets, hotel, most meals) will be covered
  • Registration is binding, provided that you are admitted. 
  • Before the application deadline, make sure that you have uploaded all necessary attachments. Please see our overview of application and participation requirements for further information.

Research seminars


PhD Seminars

Please see our new seminar guide, revised spring 2021, for more information on the PhD Seminars.

Central to all ATTR seminars and summer schools are the PhD fellows’ own presentations of papers based on their dissertation work, with prepared responses by other PhD fellows. 

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of ATTR, the focus of the discussions will be primarily on methodological matters and interdisciplinary insights.

The PhD seminars are important means to the ATTR learning goals:

  • Writing and presentation skills: The seminars aim not only at providing a setting for constructive discussions relating to thesis work, but also at preparing the candidates for life after their dissertations. ATTR thus aims to hone students’ presentation and writing skills, skills that may be useful for development of research projects for which funding can be sought from, e.g., ERC and RCN.
  • Methodology: The objective of ATTR is to create a venue where interpretive methodologies can be critically discussed, evaluated, and developed, so as to broaden the candidates’ perspectives and heighten the quality of their analyses.
  • Networking: In all its activities, the creation of an interdisciplinary network of young scholars in order to ensure the highest possible academic quality of PhD education is a central goal of ATTR.


For further information, please send an email to Ina Marie Ausland

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