Digital Humanities 2.0

The ATTR Spring Seminar 2023 is held in Athens in collaboration with the National Library.

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There have been remarkable developments in the field of Digital Humanities and textual scholarship since the ATTR first focused on this theme in 2019.

The Norwegian National Library (NB) has digitized enormous amounts of texts, and they have established a Digital Humanities Lab that provides research infrastructures for numerous research projects in the humanities and the social sciences.

This research seminar will be planned and conducted in close cooperation with the NB. It will provide examples of research design in digital humanities projects and thus inspire participants to explore new opportunities for research emerging as the NB develops its database portfolio.

Another focus will be to discuss how the use of digital analysis changes the agenda and orientation of research. We will also discuss how the transformation of cultural heritage into digital media and their subsequent open dissemination into the internet affects the status of that cultural heritage and the intellectual ecology aimed to interpret or curate it.



Practical information

If you have any questions, please contact Ina Marie Ausland

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