About ATTR

The objective of ATTR is to create venue, where interpretive methodologies can be critically discussed, evaluated, and developed, in order to broaden the PhD candidates’ perspectives, strengthen their scholarly networks, heighten the quality of their analyses, and prepare them for life after the dissertation.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Autoritative Texts 

Authoritative texts are texts (literary, legal, religious, historical, political, etc.) or material that can be studied as texts (film, music, dance, art, etc.) that are, or have been, regarded as authoritative by a community or group of people in one way or another.

Textual interpretation is fundamental to research in the humanities, law, and theology. Whether texts are studied for their own sake, utilized as sources in historical studies, or applied in juridical contexts, there are common challenges and overlapping approaches across academic disciplines. Due to the authority bestowed upon certain texts, interpretation becomes crucial. The interpretation of such authoritative texts is, and has always been, of fundamental importance to the practice and development of law, religion, and culture throughout history.

The research school will deal not only with the interpretation of these texts as such, but also with their historical reception and impact through time, and in different cultural and geographical contexts. The processes involved in the bestowal of authority on a text or its interpretation are also central concerns.

By organizing seminars, guest lectures and international network activities, the objective of ATTR is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary scholarly network that will ultimately enable its participants to engage in cutting-edge research on textual interpretation of authoritative texts.


PhD students already admitted in a PhD program at one of the partner institutions in the Consortium may apply for ATTR Membership, which enables them to participate in seminars and receive mobility grants.

International PhD Candidates who are not affiliated with one of the partner institutions may participate in individual seminars/summer schools and apply for ATTR funding to do so.


ATTR is funded by the Norwegian Research Council with approximately NOK 22 million between 2016 and 2023.

Hence, there are no fees for membership in ATTR and attendance in seminars is free of charge.


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