Edward Meshack Njinga

The Kingdom of God and the Poor: The investigation of impact of Bible Reading of the economially underprivillaged  People in Tanzania


Globalization has been a buzz world of our century; however, in the third world countries lik Tanzania, we see a lot of challenges due to globalization. This situation makes people in the third world to live in paradoxical style. Most people want to say globalization is a good thing; still, they cannot be strong on this stance since they find themselves challenged. Moreover, more people find themselves victims of globalization. There are a lot of alarming signs within the community indicating that globalization affects almost everybody in one way or another.   Still, we find that globalization gives a lot of opportunities to some few people even in the third world countries like Tanzania. Globalization claims to increase many economic opportunities, increase togetherness and unit, equality and righteousness but we find it does the opposite than any system before. The church of God has been working with many systems through her history. The church has been an advocate in many systems even if, sometimes, at low speed and sometimes pro bad systems. The function of the church is preaching the kingdom of God in the World as Jesus himself said, “repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at Hand” (Math 4:17). The kingdom of God proclaims justice, equality, Righteousness of God, and the love of God of which globalization tends to destroy. The problem underlying this study is that though the Kingdom of God preached by Jesus to the poor of the first century focuses at the emancipation of the whole human being (mentally, physically, and spiritually), globalization seems to still devastate Christians in the third world though making them and their churches poorer. The questions that arise are the following: How will the poor due to bad systems of the world (globalization being one of them) view the kingdom of God to their situation? Will the church stand as voice for the voiceless, here being the poor? What does the kingdom of God say on the discriminatory systems like globalization?

This study aims at evaluating the impacts of globalization to Christians in the third world.  I am convinced that globalization creates a lot of difficulties than advantages to the Christians of the third world countries like Tanzania. This study will focus mainly on how the teachings of the kingdom of God on the poor relates with globalization in the context of the third world comparing with the destitutions which globalization leaves to these people of third world regardless of the claim made by its perpetrators that it provides lot of opportunities.



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Published Mar. 11, 2016 11:03 AM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2019 10:43 AM