Serena N. Baldari

'And what will make you understand?': A Case Study of Italian and Scandinavian Translations of the ‘Didactic Questions’ of the Qur’an.


The project proposes an examination of Italian and Scandinavian translations of the Qur’an in a reading of the twelve occurrences of the formula mā adrāka mā, often understood as ‘didactic questions’. By engaging a selection of different Italian and Scandinavian translations in a comparative case study, the thesis will seek to address the topic of Qur’an translation from within a specific, but diverse European context and with particular concern for the premises of the cultural-linguistic and socio-religious encounter that the translations represent – ultimately reflecting on the implications for the development of a ‘Qur’anic literacy’ in European societies. With this engagement, the project aims to promote a text study that, while striving to preserve the ‘integrity’ of the texts with their historical contexts (both the Qur’anic source text and the various translations), allows for an interaction with broader and incessantly relevant socio-cultural and politico-ethical issues related to religious identity and relationality (the ‘inter’-religious), knowledge (‘literacy’) and their accompanying power dynamics.

Contact information

Serena Norlemann Baldari.


Senior Lecturer Nora Sunniva Eggen, Faculty of Theology.

Professor Oddbjørn Leirvik, Faculty of Theology.


Doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Theology.

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