Anita Aba Ansah

Gender empowerment and personal fulfilment in the renewal groups of the main line churches: a case of Accra Ghana.


This thesis is on the topic of gender empowerment and personal fulfilment in the renewal groups (RGs) of the main line churches (MLC). Accra is a quintessential West African City that has many churches. The main line churches are no exception. The Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches are the sites of the study. All the above churches are antecedents of the missionary efforts of clergy Europeans on the West African coastline now called Ghana. The renewal groups that flourish within these MLCs do so for a variety of reasons. It is often permitted to exist to meet the spiritual needs of congregants. It is also there in these MLCs to retain membership. Renewal groups can take the form of churches or congregations on their own. However in this work the topic and content is delineated around the MLCs and their attendant renewal groups.

Within the renewal groups the researcher looks at the roles and positions for women within the MLCs. In so doing, the roles of their male counterparts will also be looked at. The ramifications for the family unit will also be looked at. Pentecostalism is said to have specific ascetic elements. The RGs in the MLCs will be looked at as far as ascetic elements are concerned.


Associate Professor Birgitte Lerheim, Faculty of Theology


Quota program

Published Mar. 11, 2016 11:03 AM - Last modified Mar. 11, 2016 1:07 PM