Tonje Baugerud

The Politics of Veiled Bodies in Space: A Spatial Analysis of Veiled Muslim Women’s Experience of Body Politics in Public Space


This project seeks to investigate the various ways in which Muslim veiled women experience body politics in public space in Oslo. The study attempts to explore the nexus of space, gender, and religion, by engaging Henri Lefebvre’s spatial theories through a feminist lens. Through a feminist appropriation of Lefebvre’s spatiology, more precisely his modality of space lived space, a theoretical framework is developed: spatio-corporeal feminist perspective. My key interlocutors to feminist theory are Simone de Beauvoir, contributing with feminist phenomenology, and Elisabeth Grosz, adding perspectives on corporeal feminism. The method to be employed is autoethnography combined with semi-structured in-depth interviews and ‘walking’ interviews. The latter, I hope, will facilitate an exploration of the produced social space between participant and researcher by virtue of sharing a lived space.

Contact information

Tonje Baugerud.


Senior lecturer Ingvild Flaskerud.


Doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Theology.


Published Feb. 9, 2018 12:46 PM - Last modified Dec. 8, 2020 2:04 PM