PhD projects

The Image and Role of Religiously Educated Women within the Bosnian Islamic Community

Same sex marriage as assimilation or equality through difference: A Queer Theological discourse on intimate relationships.

Gender empowerment and personal fulfilment in the renewal groups of the main line churches: a case of Accra Ghana.

Constructing a Heterotopic Christian Social Practice and Welfare In Post-Independent Ghana

The Kingdom of God and the Poor: The investigation of impact of Bible Reading of the economially underprivillaged  People in Tanzania

Lost in reception? Paradox and potential in text and reception of parables with intersecting female characters

Public Iconoclash and Civil Society. Non-religion in contemporary Oslo, Norway

Towards an Islamic Process Philosophy. Muhammad Iqbal`s ideas as a springboard to organic humanism

Photo of Gladys Ekone Wang

A contextual contribution to the enrichment, growth and healing involved in marriage, childlessness and stigmatization: A paradigm for pastoral care and counselling in the Cameroonian context: The Bakossi tribe in Cameroon.

The holy image in early Norwegian Protestantism

Perceived migrant – Lived citizen

Hunting for Witches

Coptic Manuscripts from Touton (Fayum) between the ninth and eleventh centuries CE

Deconstructing die Sichtungszeit- understanding Zinzendorfs Blood and Wounds theology

Exploring the variants of the Apocryphon of John

Continuity and Change in an Age of Transition: Biblical Reception and Manuscript Culture in the Coptic Literature of Early Islamic Egypt

The self-matrix of Jewish identity in Norway today: What impact has the Norwegian Holocaust had individually and collectively?

'And what will make you understand?': A Case Study of Italian and Scandinavian Translations of the ‘Didactic Questions’ of the Qur’an.

The Decalogue and criminal legislation in early modern Denmark

Politics of Tradition: Towards an Agonistic Theology

The Politics of Veiled Bodies in Space: A Spatial Analysis of Veiled Muslim Women’s Experience of Body Politics in Public Space

Exploring perceptions of teacher absenteeism in Malawian secondary schools