UiO Honorary Doctors 2017: Professor Dr. Thomas Kaufmann and Professor Dr. Yvonne Sherwood

Professor Dr. Thomas Kaufmann and Professor Dr. Yvonne Sherwood are new honorary doctors at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Theology. They will both give a lecture in a seminar with the topic "Afterlife of the reformation. Biblical reception and cultural impact".   The seminar is open to everyone. Welcome!

September 1, 2017, the University of Oslo will award 16 new candidates with the degree of doctor of honoris causa, honorary doctorates.

Among them are Professor Dr. Thomas Kaufmann and Professor Dr. Yvonne Sherwood.  


Title: Afterlife of the reformation. Biblical reception and cultural impact

09:15:    Welcome by Dean Aud V. Tønnessen

09:30:   Professor Dr. Thomas Kaufmann: "Lay people practicing the scriptures in Reformation Germany - perspectives and examples"

10:00:   Professor Dr. Yvonne Sherwood: "King David between the Reformation and the Enlightenment: From Accusations of Sin to the Emergence of 'Critique'"

10:30:   Break

10:45:   Panel: Professor Dr. Kaufmann, Professor Dr. Sherwood, Professor Dr. Marianne B. Kartzow, Professor Dr. Tarald Rasmussen and Professor Dr. Terje Stordalen.

About Professor Dr. Thomas Kaufmann

Dr. Thomas Kaufmann (f. 1962) is professor of Church History at the University of Göttingen. His special field of research is Reformation history. He has through a number of publications contributed decisively to the renewal of this field of research, making it more open to interdisciplinary cooperation. His book Konfession und Kultur from 2006 and his uses of the key concept “confessional culture” have inspired researchers from different disciplines of early modern history to new ways of combining perspectives from church history, political history and cultural history. Here, Kaufmann´s approach has had a considerable impact on Nordic reformation history research as well.

His major publications cover a broad field, including studies of the late as well as the early parts of the German reformation, studies of Luther and studies of other reformers. Several contributions deal with religious outsiders of the reformation like Jews or Turks. His recent book Luthers Juden (2014, translated into several languages) has reached a broad readership. Kaufmann is also known as a most active and critical contributor to public debates on the reformation topics.

About Professor Dr. Yvonne Sherwood

Dr. Yvonne Sherwood (born 1969) is professor for the rare combination of biblical culture and politics, University of Kent. She earlier served at the universities of Glasgow, Roehampton, Sheffield, and King's College, London. Yvonne Sherwood has dedicated her academic career to the study of what she called the afterlife of biblical literature in modern culture and politics. In this capacity, she has contributed substantially to re-defining the place of biblical texts in modern society, and biblical scholarship in the university. Sherwood has demonstrated how public and everyday use of biblical texts – deeply informed by cultural memory and heritage –  mirror cultural change and continuity in surprising and revealing ways. Over the last decade scholars at the University of Oslo have had the fortune to cooperate with professor Sherwood through seminars, doctoral committees, and several research initiatives, all in a joint attempt at re-imagining biblical studies as a discipline at the intersection of theological, religious, and cultural studies.

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