The Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, is the administering institution of the Network. This means that the NordForsk funding is allocated through the Faculty of Theology.

As with all the other Nordic countries and Network institutions, the control with the money is very strict and subjugated to internal control routines.

The following is a description of the best ways for the Network institutions and conference participants to bill or get refund for expences the Network is supposed to cover.

Procedure for Reimbursement

  • Direct refunds is given to seminar participants from the member institutions only. The refunds may cover travel costs and acommodation up to NOK 4000,- (EUR 500) under normal circumstances. NB! Only ORIGINAL receipts are accepted.
  • Each participant pays all bills, and sends detailed accounts per mail (including all original receipts, travelling documents, and a survey of all the expences on the reimbursement form (DOWNLOAD) to the Faculty of Theology. They have to include detailed payment information on this form (DOWNLOAD).
  • To sum up: Send the two forms with (a) account information, (b) all original receipts, and (c) the expences converted to NOK and additioned to the following address:

PRINE / Marius Timmann Mjaaland
Faculty of Theology
P.O. Box 1023 Blindern 
NO‐0315 OSLO


Seminar Funding [for institutions only]
The Responsibility of the Network Institutions

For each seminar there will be persons and institutions in charge of all practicalities. This host-institution will also be responsible for budgets and accounts of the seminars. Preferably, all arrangements with participants to the seminars should go through the host-institution. 
The host institutions will in turn either bill or send an invoice marked with the following information: "Faculty of Theology, Unit 110011, PRINE / Marius Timmann Mjaaland" directly to the Account Section at the University of Oslo:

University of Oslo
Account Section–Central Invoicing
P.O. Box 1074 Blindern 
N‐0316 OSLO

Host institution pays all bills, and sends an invoice, alternatively an electronic invoice (PDF) to the Account Section (see email address)

By Marius Timmann Mjaaland
Published Feb. 24, 2010 12:15 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2010 8:16 PM